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Just as Our Name Implies we are truly a city Set on a Hill, whatever we do, the whole world can see because we are not hidden. Here, you will be part of a university full of people who are as determined as they are intellectually curious. And what you learn here can take you wherever you want to go. Bring your ambition, and we will give you all the preparation you need to succeed.


Join us today as a fresher, and Start your journey with us from scratch, get all the benefit HCUB has to offer and experience it all. As a Fresher you get to Undergo the SOL Training Period and become a master in Computer Productivity and French language.


Your story may have started some place else, but this is the turning point. When you transfer to HCUB, you take an important step toward achieving your dreams join us today. learn about admission requirements, deadlines, and other transfer course credit information.


Explore the 50+ graduate programs offered at HCUB, visit the campus, get to know the strengths of our faculty and who you would want to pursue your studies with, and consider the financial and lifestyle aspects of attending graduate school.


Submit an Inquiry to the Admission office and you will be contacted

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Transfer Admissions Deadlines

Completed Application is considered to be complete when all required materials are provided.

Follow the link below, to see the important date of admission and Deadline for future prospective; admission period are generally flexible to meeting the needs of the applicants but charge may be uncured when application is delayed beyond stipulated times.

Academic Programme

HCUB runs a three-semester (FALL, SPRING AND SUMMER SEMESTERS) academic programmes in a calendar year and fresher’s are admitted into these various semesters.

Admission Requirments

If you would like to begin the admission process for an undergraduate programme at HCUB, you must meet the following requirements:

  1. Five (5) credit passes in the Senior Secondary School Certificate (SSSC) or General Certificate of Education (GCE) or National Examination Council Examination (NECO)
  2. Birth Certificate or Age declaration.
  3. State of origin
  4. International Passport ( Only for International Applicants eg, Nigerians)

Admission Form

Fill the Admission form provided

HCUB Admission Agents

Education agents can help you find the right university, college or school and assist you with applying for a course. Hill City University strictly Select unique agent to work with, Below are list of our Educational agent.

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