It is fantastic, too good to be true and yet it is true. To say I am happy or excited could be mere understatement. There are certainly no words in any human language that can adequately express my actual feeling that I stand before you to humbly and respectfully present to you an “ICON OF DILIGENCE SERVICE” in the person of Dr. Gabriel Rorlins Vice President Hill City University Benin.

Our awardee was selected on the basis of our discreet search to identify persons of outstanding leadership qualities whom have distinguished themselves in the service for the growth and development of humanity.

Dr. RORLINGS GABRIEL is a seasoned academician, morally balanced, highly equipped and socially spectacular. A fellow always behind the scenes to influence purposeful leadership, his instrumental role and close alignment with developing trends, innovative technology made him a signature of success. His passion and commission to the society is ever present as he works to improve the impact and visibility of the society. He is a man of great heart, immense strength and sweet nature. He is kind/generous to all, beautiful, cute, educated, dedicated, committed, responsible, influential and highly presentable. He is a father to any child or orphan he comes across, he loves and gives selflessly without expecting anything in return. We would forever remain indebted to you for all the efforts and sacrifices. Though, we can never repay you for all you have done and still doing for people around you, but celebrate you tirelessly. Indeed your reward is from heaven.

Dr. RORLINS GABRIEL is a fountain of inspiration, identity, doggedness, pace setter and a defender of truth. He maintained a very good and cordial relationship with his workers, neighbors, friends, mates and colleagues. Whenever I reflect on what you have achieved over some years of dedicated and unblemished services, exemplary family values and a source of succor to the down trodden, it inspires me and all of us present here to be like you and become great achievers in our various endevours. You are and you have been a great man to our eyes, a celebrity, a reliable and fantastic philanthropist and most importantly a role model.

It is highly gratifying to be associated in the midst with a pace setter, achievers per excellence, a go getter, a free hearten mind, an accommodative personality and a shoulder to lean on to all people around. He is honest, trustworthy, accountable, transparent, committed and devoted to his work for the realization of the stipulated goals and objectives. Men of genius are admired, men of wealth are envied, men of power are feared but only men of characters are trusted.

Dr. GABRIEL RORLINS I congratulate you for being the recipient of this Award due to your contribution resolves and commitments to community, human and societal development. This auspicious Award is no doubt the product of your tireless and sheer sacrifice in rendering quality services to humanity and track record of concentration to duty. It is a mark of your strong will in ensuring stability and reliability. This award is not only on indication of how great you are also a sign of better, greater and higher things to come your way.

Your peculiar accomplishment and extra ordinary qualities made you to be a challenge to your peers, a motivation spirit to the youths, students and a beacon of hope and support to the upcoming generation. This is why you are described as an intellectual colossus, divinely inspired to redeem mankind from the bondage of ignorance and illiteracy.

Thank you for being a patron, a friend, a guardian and a touch bearer worthy of emulation. As you are honored today, I wish you more happiness and fulfillment now and always. Best wishes as you strive for higher goals and may God in His infinite Mercy continue to bless you with not just what you wish or pray for but with all that is good and all that you deserved to champion the course of societal development.

Lastly on behalf of the entire congress of WEST AFRICAN STUDENTS UNION, NIGERIA ZONE, I hereby proceed in announcing your confirmation as you step into WASU Record of Fame.


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