Admission Process


All applications are first processed by the Admissions Officer Of Hill City University. Each application is assigned to a Case Administrator who inspects the file for completeness and correctness, based on the general admission requirements of Hill City University like language proficiency and immigration documents, and the specific requirements imposed by the academic programmes.
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Admission Form
After filling this form you will be sent an email that contains the admission form.

Completed applications are then further inspected by our team of qualified Credential Evaluators who examine authenticity and content of the academic diplomas and transcripts. Our Credential Evaluators have specialised knowledge of the education systems of various countries and are familiar with the major local languages.
Note: JAMB is not Required.

Note: JAMB is not Required.

Only O Level Results are require along with Transcripts When applicable

The Admissions Office then co-ordinates with the different faculties and doctoral committees within KU Leuven and with other international scholarship programmes for the academic admission and selection of each applicant.

Where applications for admission to a doctoral (Ph.D.) programme is concerned, an intermediate step is included. The application file should first be approved by the prospective thesis adviser or Potential Supervisor  before the application file can be forwarded to the doctoral committee within the faculty.

At the end of this process the applicant is informed of the outcome of the application and receives all relevant information from the Admissions Office. The entire process may take roughly Two Days at least and applicants are thus advised to apply on time.